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Jewellery Moves

Create your own personalised, silver jewellery

My fantastically talented friend has made this short film for me
If you have ever wondered what Jewellery Moves is about and specifically what happens when you invite me into your home to run a workshop this illustrates the experience perfectly.
Thank you to @alexandrajanehart  for making this happen!
I hope you enjoy it.
Love, Fiona
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Hi, I’m Fiona and run ‘pop up’ jewellery workshops throughout Hampshire. I champion the idea that ‘the experience is as precious as the jewellery you make’ and a belief that you can ‘make jewellery anywhere’.

I am turning the idea of learning jewellery skills at a traditional workbench on its head. Instead my workshops take place around a table with everyone facing each other and sharing tools as well as conversation (like a dinner party only with no food but instead beautiful jewellery).


At a Jewellery Moves workshop you can learn traditional craftsmanship, jewellery skills and techniques in small groups in a relaxed atmosphere. 


Pop Up Workshops

Taking place at various venues throughout Hampshire, Wiltshire and Berkshire.

  • Popular with individuals and groups of friends

  • Small groups in a relaxed atmosphere

  • Workshops last 3 hours

  • Learn to make rings, earrings, necklaces and bangles

  • Take home a personalised piece of silver Jewellery

At Home Workshops

Completely mobile workshops, so they can come to you - all you need is a table.

  • Up to 6 people per workshop

  • Workshops last 3 hours

  • Learn to make rings, earrings, necklaces or bangles

  • Perfect for groups of friends, parties and coffee mornings

  • Keep the items you make


100% Handmade Commissions

There is always an opportunity for jewellery to tell a story. Why not tell yours today.


"Fiona is extremely professional and a very patient teacher! Thank you, I really enjoyed the session."

— Clarrisa, Ring Workshop Attendee

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Gift Vouchers Available

A gift voucher from Jewellery Moves makes a perfect gift for a loved on. Gift voucher values start from £25; get in touch for more details.