Meet the Maker

I’m Fiona and I’m the founder of Jewellery Moves. I trained at Edinburgh College of Art and the Royal College of Art, London and -despite moving around A LOT as a military wife - I always made sure that wherever we ended up, I had my workbench and tools.


My family and I have recently moved to Hampshire and Jewellery Moves has, of course, moved with us. I bring my workshop, tools and materials to you and can set up anywhere from a country pub, interior design shop to a dining room table.

I am committed to the idea that you can make jewellery anywhere and everywhere and you don’t need to be constricted to a traditional workshop.


I love running my ring workshops. Below are some silver rings made at yesterday’s workshop.

Each student makes two rings - one of which they hand stamp and personalise. After inheriting some family jewellery and not being able to figure out what belonged to whom, I started getting people to personalise their creations by hand stamping names, dates and messages into the metal. This physically marked a memory and told the story of where the piece had come from.


If you're interested in attending one of my workshops, take a look at my events listings for more information.